b. 1994, UK

Lives and works in Glasgow  



2012 - 2016, Glasgow School of Art, BA (Hons) First Class - Fine Art Painting and Printmaking




The Residency, The Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, London



Collective Memory (the past and future is ours),Bushwick Open Studios, New York

Aon Community Art Award, The Leadenhall Building "Cheesegrater", London

Landscapes of Mind, Atelier- und Galeriehaus Defet, Nuremberg

Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2016, The Tontine Building, Glasgow

Painters Gonna Paint, The Tontine Building, Glasgow



PRINT (an exercise) - The Tontine Building, Glasgow

Construction & Deconstruction: Remembering Clyde Shipbuilders 1914-1918 - Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine
STV Riverside Show interview

Safe and Healthy - McLellan Galleries, Glasgow

Exhibition: Yr3 P+P Finest (?) works - The Tontine Building, Glasgow



Group Show – Hillhead, Glasgow

2nd Year Paint and Print End of Year Exhibition - Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow

Head (And Other Mistakes) - The Mackintosh Sub-Basement, Glasgow

200% - Reid Building, Glasgow



Da Vinci Artist Residency: Atelier- und Galeriehaus Defet, Nuremberg

Aon Community Art Award - Exhibition



6th March 2016 - BBC Scotland Sportscene
Filmed sketching artwork for Scottish Cup Quarter Final opener - Hibernian vs Inverness CT



The power an image has is what interests me, whether this power is deserved is what I continually question. It is the uncertain image that engages me, as this in picture making is problematic.  I am interested in our relationship with images and the dichotomy between seeing more and knowing less. How images form the bedrock of knowledge we possess about the world we live in, has been my recent line of enquiry.  Progressively my work has explored the role of images in propagating myths within contemporary society – understanding a myth as something that is widely believed but largely unquestioned.  Visually quoting from both ancient literature and a glut of imagery gleaned from the Internet, my work aims to explore the interface between ancient mythology and contemporary society.  My work attempts to explore the lingering presence of myths within our society that shape our universal beliefs, fears, social norms and prejudices. Recent works have explored: The Tower of Babel as political dissonance, the Ancient Oracle as manipulated information, and Dionysus as the battleground between transgressive desire and conformity. Like the malleable nature of the images I appropriate the process of my work is caught in flux between making and unmaking; which has led to the deconstruction of images and introduction of insidious visual interruptions, both of which fuel a greater part of my studio practice. As we continue to navigate through the blur it has never been more important to stop and to contemplate what we see; and the designed images that continually surround us and shape our shared understanding of what it means to be human are a good place to start.